LOL fun, right? That's our M.O.

Our creative concept is "show business - as seen on TV." It isn't enough to just "say" you are something, you have to show it. And in this day and age, you're in show business no matter what industry you're in. Consumers are smart. They're wise to traditional sales tactics. If you're not entertaining your audience, you're losing them. You don't have to be the funniest brand ever, but you do have to play one on the Internet.

This is how we do that.

Discovery - FAQs - where you go to learn more about something. Right where we wantcha.

Cartoons - Brand Voice Sales Page because voice acting.

Services - TV Guide - everything we offer at a glance.

Home - A game show to engage you and SHOW you what entertaining online can look like.

Brand Beat Sheet Sales Page - Infomercial because toll free number & STEAK KNIVES? 

Blog - News, a given.

Contact - Mesothelioma Law commercial because if your brand is boring, we're all entitled to... *finish the phrase*

And there are more channels to come! Mwahaha

That's not a question.

…well yeah, it’d be weird to have someone else’s number in our jingle.

Idk, can you? (Yes, you can.)

You can see a demo of mine! I can't show you a client's Brand Beat Sheet though, for obvious reasons... 

Yes? Here's how that works:
After we talk about what you're looking for, I'll put together a proposal that starts with our internal baseline package and then add or subtract services/quantity/etc. based on what we discussed. We don't have our "baseline" packages public-facing because we don't want you to pay for anything you don’t want or need. Our mission is to make good creative more accessible, which means our packages have to be custom. Not everyone needs a 5 page site. Some people need 12+, others need a one-pager.

Yurp. "The Designer's Room" felt too HGTV-y. Which gets messy because once HGTV is involved, people think "farmhouse," and when people think "farmhouse," they think "gray, beige and boring." Which snowballs into signs. All the f*cking signs. Live, Laugh, LET ME PUT SOME COLOR ON THESE DAMN WALLS.

So yeah, we do the brand and web design stuff in conjunction with copy in The Writer's Room AFTER a creative direction has been established through the Brand Beat Sheet.

First of all, we're flattered! Second, here's a flow chart to help. If you start with a copywriting project in The Writer's Room, we'll put together a custom proposal for you outlining best first step, next steps, etc in order of what makes sense priority wise.

This is where the custom work happens!

"...yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg." - What Randy Jackson said

Punching up is never as easy as just punching up. It requires strategy which we base on your unique story, your audience, and your humor style. Every page has a role in the big picture brand message. To write one page would compromise the integrity of the message as a whole and we're not about that.

We encourage all our clients to start with a Brand Beat Sheet or a FUNdation consulting call to establish a direction for your brand first. 

Hahahahahahahaha you're hilarious.

But seriously, if you're looking for an agency to write like a Boomer writing a congressman, that ain't us. 

Service providers, coaches, consultants, E-ecommerce, DTC brands,etc. The usual suspects. People who can take a joke, and laugh at themselves. Who understand the value of a good time. Who aren't scaredy-cats. And while we're on the subject of cats -- being a cat person will earn you brownie points, but I guess it's not a deal breaker if you're more of a dog person.

You should be clear on your target audience, customer journey, and your product/service details though. 

*raises eyebrows seductively* So our copy worked on you, huh? We typically book 1-3 months out so speak now or drown in the sea of sameness. (Did I type that out loud?!)