Making Farts Lucrative for Ashley Fernandez

Making Farts Lucrative for Ashley Fernandez

Making Farts Lucrative for Ashley Fernandez

“Sooo, would it be possible to build my brand around farts?” – Ashley

“Say no more.” – Me

My parents are so proud.

Ashley and I met a couple years ago now, and instantly became “biz besties” as they say. Over the years, her messaging and offers have evolved but one thing about Ashley hasn’t: her sense of humor.

Ashley is the girl that will tell a fart joke in any room, no matter how many millionaires are present. She’ll ask anyone with an Echo if they’ve ever asked Alexa to fart. (She does. I know this because of Ashley.)

Ashley is right. Farts are funny. To generally everyone. And who was I to deny someone a little FUN in their business?

The concept started with her take on “post and ghost,” which she calls “fart and dart.”

That’s when the word banking began:

  • Fart and dart
  • Shart
  • Fresh
  • Big Stink
  • Disrupt
  • Noise


There’s really no need to go on. We all have an inner 5-year-old, and potty jokes are way too prevalent on the Internet already.

This word banking exercise birthed a fart ton of opportunities for play-on-words & nose-burning headlines  throughout her website copy & her podcast:

  • “Making a big stink never smelled so good”
  • “Taking your marketing from the toliet to the bank”
  • “The only show where making a disruptive noise smells like success”
  • “I interview high-level disruptors who’re making a big stink in their industry”
  • “Let’s cut to the cheese and get on with the show!”

Ashley’s Home Page

The Copy + Creative Combo:

(This is where I really get to flex.)

A stereotypical fart brand was never in the cards for Ashley. I would never subject this dear friend and brilliant businesswoman to a green-dust-cloud-poop-emoji brand. EVER. So, I had to get creative.

Farts made better –> Fresh –> Flowers.

Ashley’s strong opinion & disruptive nature –> Protests.

Flowers + Protests = GROOVY.

I can work with groovy.


Why it works:

Ashley’s farty concept is about a fresh approach to marketing. She’s all about selling high-ticket offers in the DMs with FRESH belief-shifting content instead of stinky marketing strategies.

See? Strategic.

A little fart. A whole lotta heart.


In Ashley’s Words:

Katie is a literal creative genius! I randomly messaged her with a crazy idea to which she replied “Let’s do it!” That idea? Create an entire brand around farts. Yes, farts–not a typo. 

We started with the podcast name – “No Fartin’ Around” and Katie created conventions around that that were 100% me. I’m a little disruptive, I talk about marketing and sales and I have an obsession with daisies. She combined my “about me” trivia and delivered a disruptive creative concept with a 70’s aesthetic. Katie turned my strong marketing opinions into protests, my “fresh” approach to content creation into daisies, and “farty” puns into scroll-stopping headlines. 

Now I’m known as the high-ticket messaging coach who “takes your marketing from the toilet to the bank” and I’m proud to host “high-level disruptors who are making a big stink in their industry” on my podcast. I get non-stop compliments from everyone I meet, including an 8 figure business owner at an event I spoke at who couldn’t wait to tell me how incredible my concept/marketing was. I never in a million years would have thought farts could be lucrative, but Katie made it happen. Every single detail from the photo styling, shot and prop list down to my copy is literal gold. She is the only person I would ever trust with my brand and copy. I can’t recommend her enough!

Listen to the No Fartin’ Around Show here | Join Ashley’s Facebook group here

Copy & Creative Direction by yours truly
Photography by Andrea Marie Photography

November 4, 2021